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Links to farming related web sites worldwide. Cattle associations, sheep societies, pedigree livestock registries, pig farms, llama and alpaca breeders, milk quota agents, beef producers, ranch realtors and rural estate agents.

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International Sheepdog Society

International Sheepdog Society

Kinloch Sheepdogs Kinloch Sheepdogs

National Sheep Dog Trials Canberra National Sheep Dog Trials Canberra Inc.

Conquest Conquest Border Collies

Frixo Frixo provide current Road Traffic Reports. It's a free service aimed at giving you live traffic news and information.

Sheep Farming A trilogy of books capturing the world of Sheep Farming
Sarah Pannasch, a Graphic Designer and Photographer from Germany, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has spent 6 months producing a series of books illustrating the story of Sheep Dog Farming in UK and Ireland.

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