International Sheepdog Trials Archive

Champion 1998At the 1998 International Championship Bobby Henderson and his 9-year-old Sweep won everything in sight. Score of 597. All four judges put him first.

Bobby Dalziel was a close second with Cap, and a score of 591, the judges' unanimous second.

Johnny Wilson and Rob were third with a score of 552.
John Templeton and Spot were fourth with 492.
Aled Owen and Bob broke the Scottish sweep with fifth at 452.


Sheepdog champion 1999The 1999 International Sheep Dog Trials were held at Trawsgoed, Aberystwyth proved to be one of the very best Intentional Sheep Dog Trials ever, with record crowds end a spectacular course.

Aled Owen, the Welsh Captain, went on to win the Supreme Championship and finish in 4th place with his other dog.


Sheepdog champion 2000The 2000 Supreme International Championships were held at Armathwaite in Cumbria and saw Aled Owen this time with Bob take the title, with T W Longton and Lucky runners up.